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We are a team of three high rollers who have enjoyed betting football matches with tremendous success. Over the years, we have heard of so many professional bettors lost their bankrolls all because they signed up for a poor football betting tips site that delivered poor quality tips.

In our careers, until today we have subscribed so many football betting tips sites – some were great, some were disappointing.

We decided to do something about it to prevent you from those misleading football tips site and recognize those sites which have legitimate football tipsters. In fact, we personally used their services.

To be honest with you, we listed more than 100’s of scam sites in our tipster’s directory. For those which are not review by use yet or have been submitted by any visitor, give us some time and we will go through it. If it’s convincing, we will sign up as soon as we can.

Why us? Because we lost a lot of money using misleading football tipsters. Why not share our experience with everyone?

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